The Open Hardware Smart Meter that powers the energy revolution

  • Open Hardware
    You get full control of your data and can thinker with it.
  • Internet enabled
    Simple HTTP access instead of proprietary protocols
  • Made for the enduser
    Detailed energy consumption logs and control of for up to 10 circuits
  • Powerful SaaS dashboard
    Smart patterns and benchmarking to optimize your power usage.
  • Very Affordable
    A smart meter for €99 that everyone can use.
  • Full Privacy
    Keep your data private and secure from prying eyes.

Read the initial draft of our technical specification or check our github repo.
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  • We want your help!

    Please contact us to become part of the OpenStrom team or partner with us via email or Linkedin
  • Matthias Zeitler

    loves to follow big visions and build great products. At OpenStrom he is setting the strategy and running the business side.

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