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Employees love companies that provide a flexible work environment and productivity always improves when employees are happier with their work life balance. Bansko offers this inherently, and paying only 10% income tax means a lot more net income for your employees, meaning they see more of their pay check and have disposable income to do what they love, or save for a down payment on their first home.


It is important to find people that are not externally, but internally motivated. It all starts with creating the right kind of environment, and realising that you can’t make people work.

Rolf Shrömgens
Co-founder Trivago

We’re trying to take advantage of the long-time promise of the internet that it shouldn’t matter where you live, that you should be able to succeed in the digital economy from anywhere

Matt Dunne
Founder Center on Rural Innovation

The secret for SME owners is to stop focusing on money as the solution and start thinking about what they can do at no cost to make life more pleasant for their employees.

Cary Cooper
Professor of Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University

Our Idea Explained in Under 2 Minutes

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Why Bulgaria?

Low Taxes

Income tax is only 10% for companies and employees. Bulgaria has signed over 70 double taxation treaties, meaning most of your employees won’t have to pay taxes in their native country.

Part of the European Union

The EU is a safe and stable business environment with all advantages of EU membership. Bulgaria is also a member of NATO and the WTO.

Low Cost of Doing Business

The cost of doing business in Bulgaria is incredibly low, and Bulgarians have some of the lowest wage cost in Europe.

Low Financial Risk

The Bulgarian lev is fixed to the Euro and government has one of the lowest debt rates. Banks provide English online banking and support services, so you won’t have trouble when you move over.

Why Bansko?

Fantastic Work-Life Balance in a Breath-taking Location

Bansko is a small town with 10,000 permanent residents and the lifestyle here that is far more relaxed and stress-free than living in a large city. The air quality in the mountains is incredibly pure, which leads to healthier employees.

Best Mountain Resort in the Balkans

There is a well-developed tourist infrastructure with plenty of restaurants, cultural events and activities throughout the year.

Active Lifestyle

80km of slopes means there is endless opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Bansko also has maintained biking and hiking trails, a professional level golf course, thermal hot springs, horseback riding and other mountain activities that encourages an active lifestyle.

Low Cost of Living

With rent starting at just €100 a month for a small apartment and tasty lunches from €2.50, the monthly budget here is much lower than elsewhere in Europe, let alone the cities. Less economic pressure makes it easier for employees to enjoy life and reduces stress levels.

Suitable for a range of business functions:

Bansko is an amazing setting for non-customer facing activities like research and development as well as back-office teams. Your staff can easily be augmented with local talent; one of the best Bulgarian universities (AUBG) is only 50km away and Sofia has a very mobile workforce that prefers to live in the mountains.

Imagine Having an Office Here

Get a Competitive Advantage Recruiting and Retaining Staff

Financial Times

"Bulgaria is becoming a top outsourcing destination: Low costs, fluency in languages and IT are making Bulgaria a prime location"

"If you lower the operational costs, you can invest more in quality. This, in combination with the skilled workforce and the lack of currency risk, makes Bulgaria a highly attractive place for companies"

"Bulgaria’s arc has followed a similar trajectory, helped by numerous advantages, including a strong history of technical excellence, extremely low costs, and a solid outsourcing economy that has attracted big Silicon Valley names."


"Bulgaria is a leading outsourcing destination in Europe and the world, positioning itself among the top 10 most desirable countries on a global level."

A Huge Financial Impact on Your Bottom Line and Your Employees

Cost Bulgaria UK Germany Austria
Salary Gross €50.000 €50.000 €50.000 €50.000
Social Security Employeer €3.480 €5.560 €9.962 €15.059
Social Security Employee €2.532 €4.835 €10.087 €8.988
Income Tax €5.000 €7.258 €5.708 €7.855
Total Cost to Company €53.480 €55.560 €59.962 €65.059
Net to Employee €42.468 €37,907 €34.205 €33.257

The purchasing power of one Euro is much higher in Bulgaria: €100 spent here buy as much as €213 in Austria.

And of Course You will also Save on Office Space Costs

Class A Office Space Rent Bansko London Berlin Vienna
15 m2 (per employee per month) €150 €1.050 €570 €375
Per Year €1.800 €12.600 €6.840 €4.500
Annual Cost Difference €10.800 €5.040 €2.700

All calculations are only indicative and not professional tax or accounting advice.

Rent from just €10 per m2. Full floors available.
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Your New Office in Bansko: Ready to move in by 2020

Your New Class A Office in Bansko: Ready in 2020

  • 24-hour Security and Reception
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • CCTV System and Controlled Access
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Provided to External and Internal Common Areas
  • Provided Window Cleaning and Facade Maintenance
  • Fast Snow Removal
  • All Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance
  • Green Building Standards
  • Multi-pipe HVAC System
  • Full Access Raised Floors
  • Power Supplied from Independent Substations and Diesel Generators
  • Structured Cabling System
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Access control with Personalized Smartcards
  • Automatic Fire Detection System
  • Generous Common Areas
Availability from 250m2 Sections to 1000m2 Full-Floor Offices Built-Out According to Your Requirements

We also make it incredibly easy for your staff to relocate to Bansko:

* We find suitable homes with rent starting at €150 per month

* Or buy a property, with studios starting at just €10k

* We also provide administrative and legal help for residency, car registration, moving and all other services. Either a la card or bundled into an easy landing package.

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